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We Arzoo Energy ISO 9001 : 2000, CE, CRISIL certified company that provides state of the art energy power saving products for Industries and Businesses alike. Arzoo Energy aspires to offer the widest range of Power Saving Products for all purposes, be it for Industrial, Commercial or Residential usage.It has been our continuous endeavor to provide Innovative Electrical Products that could perform effectively and efficiently save Power in all possible applications. We work on Slogan " Save Power , Save Nation"
Arzoo Provide end to end solution for industrial growth in power conditioning. We manufacture following products 1. TRANSFORMER above 1 KVA (1000VA) - Isolation Transformer - Step Up Transformer - Step Down Transformer - Auto Transformer 2. VOLTAGE STABILIZER - Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) - Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer (SCVS) - Static Stabilizer - Linear Stabilizer 3. CONSTANT VOLTAGE TRANSFORMER (CVT) upto 5KVA (Single Phase) 4. HARMONIC FILTERS - Active Filters - Passive Filters 5. LT PANELS - ACDB Panel - Distribution Panel - Change Over Panel 6. CONTROL PANELS - Motor Central Control Panel (MCC) - Automatic Power Factor Control Panel (APFC) - Programable Logical Controller Panel (PLC) - Variable Frequency Drive Controller Panel (VFD) - Automatic Mains Failure Panel (AMF) 7. UPS / INVERTERS 8. POWER SAVER - True Micro controller Power Saver (TMPS) - P3 System 9. ENERGY AUDIT - Power Analysing  - Harmonic Audit The company is having a state of art facility to manufacture products under strict quality Control standards. Every manufacturing process is well institutionalized and equipped with highly precise instruments to control the production and product quality. Every Component will be screened 100% burn- in test for the products to ensure 100% in quality.  The Reputed ISO 9001-2000 by ICS proves our sincerity towards customer’s expectations - QUALITY, SERVICE and continuous improvement. We continue to put significant effort and every endeavor to position our Products as the symbol of reliability. 
We the Arzoo Energy have been serving the Commercial, Residential and Industrial Customers as the Manufacturer of many Electrical Products. As we have a good Technical team thus we have many Patented Technologies. We believe in Slogan " Save Power, Save Energy", and also work on that path as the famous brand in many Power Saver products. Having Cooperate office in Dadar, Mumbai.
We Arzoo Energy having experience of more than 13 years in manufacturing of many Electrical Products. As the whole world today is worried about the increasing Power demands at the same time decreasing amount of fossil fuels which are required for the generation of Electricity. So they are tending towards Alternative Energy sources which do Production at less quantities.Also many research are going for the attempt to satisfy the increasing power demand, one of which is to make some appropriate devices to decrease the losses in the Consumer side.So Arzoo Energy is happy to discuss about its one of the famous product Power Saver. Power Saver decreases the consumption of Electricity by the process of Reactive Power Compensation.Thus it decreases the Electricity unit bill of the Customer and also makes it devices safe, as the reactive is compensated. Save Power, Save Nation.
SERVO CONTROLLED VOLTAGE STABILIZER (SCVS) Both electrical and electronics appliances occupy a prime place of importance in our lifestyle and thus usage of electricity in modern life has substantially increased. But, voltage supply, on the hand, receives very little attention from the consumers. Surprisingly, unstable voltage supply has the potential of causing havoc due to lack of foresight on our part. Even you must have observed the heavy variations in voltage supply during day or night, which results in frequent breakdown, Low production and loss of energy. Thus you need to consider good quality servo controlled voltage stabilizers with various important factors taken into account. This will not only ensure safety but an effective reduction in electricity bills and an increased life span for your sophisticated equipment's. We, Arzoo, are manufacturing servo controlled voltage stabilizers ranging from 1 KVA-1500KVA [conforming to IS:9815] available in multiple configurations, that undergoes through a series of quality tests conducted in our laboratory. In the field of power saving, we expertise for more then Eighteen years, providing total power solutions, prompt and reliable after sales service / support to our customers through an experienced team of service engineers. The ARZOO range of Servo Control (Voltage Stabilizers) are universally recognized as the finest range of servo-controlled voltage stabilizers. The units couple exceptional performance with unequalled build quality to provide an unmatched combination of reliability and versatility. The units are designed to correct power quality problems like brownouts, surges, over-voltage, sags, voltage imbalance, unbalanced current, line noise etc. in the main power supply. Our Servo Control features voltage regulation, isolation, filtering, harmonic cancellation, transient suppression, surge protection, or any combination of these in a one-box solution. Besides that, our patent voltage regulating transformer enabling us to make unique small dimension Servo Control especially for individual regulation. Features : Available from - 1 KVA to 1500 Kva. Correction Rate better than 60 V/sec. Cooling : Natural Air / Oil. Ambient Temperature 0 to 500 C. Selection Auto / Manual. Under / Over Voltage protection. Overload & short - circuit protection. More than 95% efficiency. Timer Control. Built in EMI / RFI Filter.
In our Country we have a great problem of load-shedding due to the less generation of Electricity then the demand. Thus its duty of every citizen to due some needful as much they are capable of, for solving this problems. Now by using updated technologies , the Power Saver is used in many developed countries. In the Power Saver Technology the use of Reactive Power Compensation method is done.Thus it reduces electricity use of the Area and also decreases the Electricity Bill. So Dear Customers this Diwali gift the Loved ones the Power Saver of Arzoo Energy which saves upto 40% electricity. And good news this Diwali bumper offer grab the opportunity to buy the Arzoo Energy Products online on Flipkart and get exciting offers. SAVE POWER, SAVE NATION
We Arzoo Energy the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Industrial Automatic Voltage Controller (AVC) upto 500KVA , Silicon Power Rectifiers (0-500V, up to 2000 Amps), Distribution & Power Transformer up to 15 MVA with 11/22/33 KV Class, HT & Built in AVRs, Dry type & Isolation Transformers along with Special Purpose Transformers. We Command a highly skilled & experienced workforce at our plant guided by a team of competent Engineers which are highly experienced in this line. We believe in Quality oriented products and with State of the Art technology. We have established a renowned name as Arzoo Energy that has made a major Break-through in the field of engineering and electricity saving. Our high quality product and efficient services to our valued customers have enabled us with ample success. We would like to inform you that we are one of the leading manufacturers of above mentioned products and assure you that we are in position to supply the same with best quality and strong services after sale. We would like to inform you that in our AVC and rectifiers, we use Rolling contact type regulators where carbon roller are rolling on both sides of the coil, resulting in lesser wear and tear of the system. Also the overall cross-section area of the copper used in these regulators is more, resulting in increase in overall duty cycle of the equipment. The economic life of our stabilizers is easily 15-20 years. So, you can plan stabilizers as per your running load , keeping in mind your future expansions plans.
Harmonic Distortion Sources and Effects Events over the last several years have focused attention on certain types of load on the electrical system that results in power quality problems for the user and utility Equipment which has become common place in most of the facility. Non - linear loads generates voltage and current harmonics, which can have adverse effect on equipments, which are designed for operation as linear loads (i.e. Loads designed to operate on a sinusoidal waveform of 50 or 60 Hz.) Effects of non-linear load: Higher heating losses in the transformers Harmonic can have a detrimental effect on emergency generators, telephone and other sensitive electrical equipments. When receive power compensation (in the form of passive power factor improving capacitors) is used with non-linear loads, resonance condition can occur that may result in even higher levels of harmonic voltage and current distortion, thereby causing equipment failure, disruption of power services, and fire hazards in extreme conditions. The electrical environment has absorbed most of these problems in the past. However, the problem has now increased in a magnitude where Europe, the US, and other countries have proposed standards to responsible engineer system considering the electrical environment. IEEE 519-1992 and IEC 555 have evolved to become a common requirement cited when specifying equipment on newly engineered projects. The broad band harmonic filter was designed in part, to meet this specification. The present IEEE 519-1992 document establishes acceptable levels of harmonics (voltage and current) that can be introduced into the incoming feeders by commercial and industrial users. Where there may have been little cooperation previously from manufacturing to meet such specification, the adoption of IEEE 519-1992 and other similar world standards now attract the attention of everyone. Generation of harmonics: Harmonics are sinusoidal wave forms. They have frequency in multiple of fundamental frequency. They are produced by equipment using frequency conversion technology. They are also generated due to power drawing pattern of non-linear loads. Mitigation of Harmonic Distortion For resolution of harmonic problem, various techniques have been proposed to reduce the impact of load harmonic currents on the input current to an electrical system. Essentially, the intent of all these techniques is to make the input current more continuous so as to reduce the overall current harmonic distortion. The various techniques can be classified into four broad categories, a) The use of line reactors and / or DC link chokes b) Installation of passive filters (series, shunt, and low pass broad brand filters) c) Phase multiplication (12-pulse, 18-pulse rectifier system.) d) Harmonic compensation by active filtering. Harmonic protection filters are used for improvement of power factor and part elimination of harmonics. They are nothing but a combination of reactors and capacitors, suitably detuned. They are useful when distortion is 15 to 40 %. Advantages of Harmonic Filters: a) Protect capacitors from harmonic overloading. b) Eliminate upto 97 % predominant harmonics. c) Avoid harmonic amplification in the system. d) Improve power factor. This system can be configured to operate in fully automatic mode. The objective is to eliminate high level of harmonic current to acceptable level to comply with utility regulation. They provide traps for individual harmonics frequency and provide reactive power compensation at fundamental frequency. Harmonic filtering offers the following benefits: 1) Elimination of power factor penalty. 2) Improvement in reduction in energy bill.( due to improvement of PF) 3) Release of additional VA capacity in the system. 4) Improvement in voltage profile. 5) Reduction in line losses 6) Reduction in harmonic currents. 7) Improvement in overall power quality. 8) Improvement in life of electrical equipment. 9) Improvement in system reliability.
AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE CONTROLLER (AVC) We command a highly skilled & experienced workforce at our plant guided by a team of competent Engineers having more than 30 years experience in this line. We believe in Quality oriented Products and with State of the art technology. We have established a renowned name as ARZOO ENERGY that has made a major Break-through in the field of engineering and electricity saving. Our high quality product and efficient services to our valued customers have enabled us with ample success. We would like to inform you that we are one of the leading manufacturers of above mentioned products and assure you that we are in a position to supply the same with best quality and strong service after sale. We would like to inform you that in our AVC & Rectifiers, we use Rolling Contact type Regulators where carbon roller are rolling on both sides of the coil, resulting in lesser wear and tear of the system. Also the overall cross-section area of the copper used in these regulators is more, resulting in increase in overall duty cycle of the equipment. The economic life of our stabilizers is easily 15 - 20 years. So, you can plan stabilizers as per your running load, keeping in mind your future expansion plans. VOLTAGE VARIATION: Voltage variation is a common phenomenon all over the country. Generally voltage is low during daytime and high during the night hours. Moreover on holidays, peak hours, rainy days and when the agricultural load is switched off, the voltage rises quite sharply - which is more dangerous. Electrical equipments are designed for 230 Volts (single phase) or 400 Volts (3-phase) and operate with optimum efficiency at its rated voltage. 90% of industrial load consists of motors. Electric Motors draw considerably high current at HIGH voltage and increase energy consumption, increase MDI and reduce power factor etc. These excessive power losses of motors generated at higher voltage results in their premature failure. Similar is the case with Bulbs and Tubes, when voltage increases above 230 Volts. For example, at 270 Volts, the power consumption of 60W-bulb increases almost 40% and the life of bulb reduce from normal 1000 Hours to mere 100 Hours only (as per analysis report of ISI mark bulb manufacturers). The industrial units having high failure rate of electrical equipments i.e. Electric Motors (particularly smaller rating motors up to 7.5 HP), Bulbs, Tubes, Chokes, Contactor coils etc., should verify that it may be due to Higher Voltage. We have supplied number of AVCs to different industries and our clients have confirmed the under noted advantages after installing our AVCs. 1) Up to 60% Reduction in Breakdown of Electrical Equipments 2) 5 - 10% Savings in Electricity Costs (up to 30% on lighting load) 3) Reduction in MDI by 10 - 15% 4) Attractive Pay-back period of 6 - 12 months 5) Improvement in Power Factor 6) Uniform quality of end product & Improved Productivity of the plant 7) Depreciation @ 80% from Indian Income Tax Act. PAY-BACK PERIOD: Owing to its high efficiency (~99.5% in avg. running conditions) and associated benefits, the payback period for ARZOO’S make AVC is typically between 6-12 months, depending upon the number of working hours and duration of high voltage. As required, we are pleased to submit our most competitive offer for Servo Stabilizer in linear regulator technology as hereunder: ‘ARZOO’S make Natural Oil Cooled Type Automatic Voltage Regulator, Copper Wound Suitable for indoor use at a max. amb. Temp. of 45°C, 3-Phase, with the following specs: The standard equipment will primarily consist of the following: a) Linear type continuously variable voltage regulator b) Mode of operation a. Auto Mode (Controller module for sensing and controlling) b. Manual Mode i) With help of Raise/Lower buttons ii) With help of 'T' Handle, if motor fails c) Over Voltage and Under Voltage Protection Inbuilt d) Single Phase protection Inbuilt e) Ammeter with CTs and selector switch f) Voltmeter Selector Switch for I/P & O/P g) Voltage adjust button on controller in Auto mode h) Indications - Input On, Low, High, O/p Cut off i) MCBs for control circuit j) Lifting Lugs k) Drain Valve l) Oil Level Gauge m) Rating Plate n) Earthing Terminal o) Junction Box p) Thermometer Pocket q) Wheels for Uni - directional movement PARAMETER SPECIFICATION TYPE BALANCE / UNBALANCED 3 Phase 4 Wire CAPACITY UPTO 5000 KVA VOLTAGE REGULATOR TECHNOLOGY On load Linear Stepless Rolling Contact mechanism Technology with Carbon Roller Assembly and linearly variable continuous voltage regulator. INPUT VOLTAGE 360 - 450V 350 - 450V 340 - 460V 330 - 470V 320 - 480V 300 - 500V 280 - 460V 260 - 460V 250 - 460V (Ph-Ph) OUTPUT VOLTAGE 380 / 400 / 415 V±1% (Ph – Ph) OUT PUT VOLTAGE ADJUSTMENT 380-415 V in 3 phase Connection Star Operating Frequency 47 – 53 HZ Waveform No distortion Output regulation 1% maximum from No load to full load Motor Drive Heavy Duty Synchronous Motor COOLING ONAN Operating temp Normal 0-45 C Temp Rise 45 C above ambient DUTY CYCLE 100% continuous LOAD CYCLE 100 % Continuous CORE USED CRGO M4 Grade 0.27mm thickness COPPER USED 99.9 % pure Electrolytic Grade Buck-Boost Transformer Yes, Series Buck Boost Double Wound Transformer TESTING Routine tests - No load, Full load, Short Circuit, Heat run, capacity, Range ELECTRONIC CONTROL CIRCUIT IC – Based RESPONSE TIME 10 milli seconds CORRECTION TIME 8-10 Volts/sec OVER LOAD CAPACITY Our Linear Regulator type Automatic Voltage Stabilizer will be very much suitable to withstand 120% over load Efficiency more than 98% Standard As per IS 9815 TERMINATIONS Separate Suitable Aluminum Bus Bars will be provided in the Termination Box. EXPECTED WORKING LIFE More than 25 Years. MODE OF OPERATION AUTO MODE MANUAL MODE (i) With raise / lower switch (ii) With “T” handle Controls Control will be provided in the same system on the front of the equipment TRANSFORMER OIL AS PER IS: 335