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Power Saver: Its newest,easiest and modern technology of saving Electricity. It is the device which saves the Electricity on the Consumer side. With the simple structure and process Power Saver is the famous technology in the various Developed Countries. We ARZOO ENERGY are the famous manufacturer of the Power Saver of different ranges.With the team of Experienced Engineers for the Testing and also for the Research on the products which makes us more faithful in this Business. And Happy to inform that Arzoo's Power Savers are also now available on the online Business site such as Flipkart,Amazon and Shopclues... So Please Grab this Opportunity. Save Power,Save India
Power Saver : Its the Product which uses Reactive Power Compensation method to save the Electricity usage for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and many more.. We Arzoo Energy are the famous manufacturer of different ranges of Power Saver, this products are designed and tested by team of Experienced and Skilled Engineers. In many developed countries this technology is very much used and well known. Our Power Saver Product are available on Flipkart and Amazon with many offers.
While working of many Electrical Devices many Harmonics are created which can cause a great Damage to the system. To avoid this Harmonics in the circuit and damage to the circuit the technology of using filters was introduced. We Arzoo Energy having Experience of more than 13 years as the famous Manufacturer of many Electrical Products.We are also wellknown manufacturer of Filters. Product Name: Active Filters Technical Advantages: 1.Improves instantaneous as well as average power factor to necessary level. 2.Reduces total Harmonic distortion for current as well as voltage within International IEEE 519 standards. 3.Excellent dynamics with a response time of less than 0.2 milliseconds. 4.Does not allow harmonics to enter the system from the surrounding facilities, making the system more robust. 5. Reduces system losses drastically. 6. Provides equally good compensation, even in case of voltage sags. 7. Does not affect the normal operation of the system even in case of failures. Economic Advantages: 1.Reduces the overall Energy bills. 2. Increases capacity utilization of the source. 3.Ensures proper functioning of the overall system. 4.99.99% uptime guarantee. 5. Decrease the maximum demand of the system as well as the generator. 6.No overloading of UPS or generator sets. 7. Increases efficiency of the generator sets and ensures maximum utilization. 8. Increases life of sensitive lab equipment's and ensures proper functioning through quality power supply. 9.Smaller footprint reduces cost for space. 10.Increases life of Industrial cables. 11.Virtually maintenance free
Constant Voltage Transformer: The Ferroresonant Transformer , F erroresonant Regulator or C onstant-Voltage Transformer is a type of saturating transformer used as a voltage regulator. These transformers use a tank circuit composed of a high-voltage resonant winding and a Capacitor to produce a nearly constant average output voltage with a varying input current or varying load. The circuit has a primary on one side of a magnet shunt and the tuned circuit coil and secondary on the other side. The regulation is due to magnetic saturation in the section around the secondary. The ferroresonant approach is attractive due to its lack of active components, relying on the square loop saturation characteristics of the tank circuit to absorb variations in average input voltage. Saturating transformers provide a simple rugged method to stabilize an AC power supply. Older designs of ferroresonant transformers had an output with high harmonic content, leading to a distorted output waveform. Modern devices are used to construct a perfect sine wave. The ferroresonant action is a flux limiter rather than a voltage regulator, but with a fixed supply frequency it can maintain an almost constant average output voltage even as the input voltage varies widely. The ferroresonant transformers, which are also known as Constant Voltage Transformers (CVTs) or ferros, are also good surge suppressors, as they provide high isolation and inherent short-circuit protection. A ferroresonant transformer can operate with an input voltage range ±40% or more of the nominal voltage. Output power factor remains in the range of 0.96 or higher from half to full load. Because it regenerates an output voltage waveform, output distortion, which is typically less than 4%, is independent of any input voltage distortion, including notching. Efficiency at full load is typically in the range of 89% to 93%. However, at low loads, efficiency can drop below 60%. The current-limiting capability also becomes a handicap when a CVT is used in an application with moderate to high Inrush Current like Motors, Transformers or Magnets. In this case, the CVT has to be sized to accommodate the peak current, thus forcing it to run at low loads and poor efficiency. Minimum maintenance is required, as transformers and capacitors can be very reliable. Some units have included redundant capacitors to allow several capacitors to fail between inspections without any noticeable effect on the device's performance. Output voltage varies about 1.2% for every 1% change in supply frequency. For example, a 2 Hz change in generator frequency, which is very large, results in an output voltage change of only 4%, which has little effect for most loads. It accepts 100% single-phase switch-mode power supply loading without any requirement for derating, including all neutral components. Input current distortion remains less than 8% THD even when supplying nonlinear loads with more than 100% current THD. We Arzoo Energy with the Experience of more than 16 years as the manufacturer of many Electrical Products are the known manufacturer of Constant Voltage Transformers. SAVE POWER,SAVE WORLD
AMF PANEL: An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is your bridge between mains power and your backup generators. Automatic mains failure (AMF) panels – also referred to as automatic transfer switch (ATS) panels – make the power switch to emergency standby generators in the event of a significant loss of mains power or total blackout. Without AMF panels, generators need to be operated manually and that can mean lost data, potential damage to electrical equipment and huge amounts of disruption. We design and manufacture our own AMF panels, often as part of a comprehensive automatic standby power solution which links ATS, UPS and standby generators with remote monitoring and associated security and safety features. AMF board and ATS panels monitor the incoming AC mains supply, activate the standby generator when mains power fails and make an automatic electrical transfer of the building’s load from the mains to the generating set. When the mains supply returns, the ATS panel controls a return to the mains supply and shuts down the generator after a suitable cooling run. We ARZOO Energy are the well known manufacturer of AMF Panels, with the experienced and skilled team. Save Power, Save World.
P3 System : Voltage variation is a common phenomenon all over the country. Generally voltage is low during daytime and high during the night hours. Moreover on holidays, peak hours, rainy days and when the agricultural load is switched off, the voltage rises quite sharply, which is more dangerous. Electrical equipment's are designed for 230 Volts (single phase) or 400 Volts (3-phase) and operate with optimum efficiency at its rated voltage. 90% of industrial load consists of motors. Electric Motors draw considerably high current at HIGH voltage and increase energy consumption, increase MDI and reduce power factor etc. These excessive power losses of motors generated at higher voltage results in their premature failure. Similar is the case with Bulbs and Tubes, when voltage increases above 230 Volts. For example, at 270 Volts, the power consumption of 60W-bulb increases almost 40% and the life of bulb reduce from normal 1000 Hours to mere 100 Hours only (as per analysis report of ISI mark bulb manufacturers). The industrial units having high failure rate of electrical equipments i.e. Electric Motors (particularly smaller rating motors up to 7.5 HP), Bulbs, Tubes, Chokes, Contactor coils etc., should verify that it may be due to Higher Voltage. We have supplied number of P3 Systems to different industries and our clients have confirmed the under noted advantages after installing our AVCs. Features : • Up to 60% Reduction in Breakdown of Electrical Equipments • 5 - 10% Savings in Electricity Costs (up to 30% on lighting load) • Reduction in MDI by 10 - 15% • Attractive Pay-back period of 6 - 12 months • Improvement in Power Factor • Uniform quality of end product & Improved Productivity of the plant • Depreciation @ 80% from Indian Income Tax Act. PAY-BACK PERIOD: Owing to its high efficiency (~99.5% in avg. running conditions) and associated benefits, the payback period for ARZOO’S make P3 System is typically between 6-12 months, depending upon the number of working hours and duration of high voltage.
Auto transformer is kind of electrical transformer where primary and secondary shares same common single winding. So basically it’s a one winding transformer. We hereby introduce ourselves as a manufacturer of dry type power transformers and reactors. We are established in this field since 2003. Our Dry Type Transformer adopt high quality low loss silicon sheet and arranged non-bobbin coil winding technology, and we apply vacuum pressure impregnating (VPI) process and solidify baking process to achieve insulation class H or C. Our transformers are widely used on any occasions where voltage is below 1000V and frequency below 400 Hz, and equipment’s which require voltage to step up or down. For small to medium capacity transformers, we apply enamel wire winding, and we apply foil winding for large capacity ones. Features 1) There are air flows between coil's layer to layer and between coil to core, resulting fast heat dissipation, and low temperature rise. 2) High grade iron core and winding can be wire or foil. 3) Small volume, light weight and good workmanship. 4) After vacuum pressure impregnating, the whole transformers and reactors are moisture proof and mildew proof. Insulation class H or C. 5) Lower audio noise. 6) Nomex based insulation system for foil winding transformers. Type 1). Step up Auto Transformer 2). Step down Auto Transformer Testing Our all magnetics are tested as per routine test mentioned as per IS2026. We can carry out other type testing as per your need. Applications of Auto Transformers Compensating voltage drops by boosting supply voltage in distribution systems. Auto transformers with a number of tapping are used for starting induction and synchronous motors. Auto transformer is used as variac in laboratory or where continuous variable over broad ranges are required. Our products range is as under: 1) Single/3 phase Transformer, upto 300KVA, 50Hz - 400Hz. 2) Scott Connected (3phase - 2phase conversion)/ Open delta type (3phase-single phase conversion) 3) Input Chokes for A.C/D.C Drives, from 1hp to 750hp drives 4) Output Chokes for A.C/D.C Drives, from 1hp to 750hp drives 5) DC filter choke 6) Harmonic Filter Choke 7) Transformers for Plasma Welding Machines 8) Transformers with induction heating purpose.
Today in this Modern World we all are so much depended on the Automation, which are worked by Electric Energy. As the Production of Electric Energy is limited due to limitation of Resources, thus some new ideas to be innovated so that Electric Energy consumption should be lessen. One of the newest technology is to save the Power at the Consumer side by using Reactive Power Compensation Method. We ARZOO Energy are Proud to be Manufacturer of Power Saver’s which saves power upto 40%. As the Updated Citizen its our duty to use the new technologies to save the Nation’s Resources and share this Idea with as much as we can. Save Power, Save India.
In India we have great problem of Voltage Fluctuation in Rural as well as some of Urban areas. Due to which many of the Electrical Products gets Damage. We Arzoo Energy having Experience of more than 13 years in Manufacturing of many Electrical Products. Are Proud to be one of the famous Manufacturer of Static Controlled Voltage Stabilizer (SCVS). Our Static Controlled Voltage Stabilizer has following features: 1. Before delivering the Product we go with about 26 types of Tests on the Product. 2. We use CRGO lamination. 3. We use Virgin Copper for winding. 4. 7 layer tank coating for fabrication which give 97 to 98% efficiency. 5. Voltage Correction Accuracy is of 0.2%. 6. Digital Display. 7. Builtin Bypass Technology. 8. Our Transformer is of Patent Technology which give 97 to 98% efficiency.