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We the Arzoo Energy have been serving the Commercial, Residential and Industrial Customers as the Manufacturer of many Electrical Products. As we have a good Technical team thus we have many Patented Technologies. We believe in Slogan " Save Power, Save Energy", and also work on that path as the famous brand in many Power Saver products. Having Cooperate office in Dadar, Mumbai.
Power Saver: Its newest,easiest and modern technology of saving Electricity. It is the device which saves the Electricity on the Consumer side. With the simple structure and process Power Saver is the famous technology in the various Developed Countries. We ARZOO ENERGY are the famous manufacturer of the Power Saver of different ranges.With the team of Experienced Engineers for the Testing and also for the Research on the products which makes us more faithful in this Business. And Happy to inform that Arzoo's Power Savers are also now available on the online Business site such as Flipkart,Amazon and Shopclues... So Please Grab this Opportunity. Save Power,Save India
Power Saver : Its the Product which uses Reactive Power Compensation method to save the Electricity usage for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and many more.. We Arzoo Energy are the famous manufacturer of different ranges of Power Saver, this products are designed and tested by team of Experienced and Skilled Engineers. In many developed countries this technology is very much used and well known. Our Power Saver Product are available on Flipkart and Amazon with many offers.
We Arzoo Energy are one of the famous manufacturers of Voltage Stabilizers, Power Saver, Electrical Panels, Transformers, Ups and Inverters. To know more about us please visit below links:
We Arzoo Energy having experience of more than 13 years in manufacturing of many Electrical Products. As the whole world today is worried about the increasing Power demands at the same time decreasing amount of fossil fuels which are required for the generation of Electricity. So they are tending towards Alternative Energy sources which do Production at less quantities.Also many research are going for the attempt to satisfy the increasing power demand, one of which is to make some appropriate devices to decrease the losses in the Consumer side.So Arzoo Energy is happy to discuss about its one of the famous product Power Saver. Power Saver decreases the consumption of Electricity by the process of Reactive Power Compensation.Thus it decreases the Electricity unit bill of the Customer and also makes it devices safe, as the reactive is compensated. Save Power, Save Nation.
In India we have great problem of Voltage Fluctuation in Rural as well as some of Urban areas. Due to which many of the Electrical Products gets Damage. We Arzoo Energy having Experience of more than 13 years in Manufacturing of many Electrical Products. Are Proud to be one of the famous Manufacturer of Static Controlled Voltage Stabilizer (SCVS). Our Static Controlled Voltage Stabilizer has following features: 1. Before delivering the Product we go with about 26 types of Tests on the Product. 2. We use CRGO lamination. 3. We use Virgin Copper for winding. 4. 7 layer tank coating for fabrication which give 97 to 98% efficiency. 5. Voltage Correction Accuracy is of 0.2%. 6. Digital Display. 7. Builtin Bypass Technology. 8. Our Transformer is of Patent Technology which give 97 to 98% efficiency.
While working of many Electrical Devices many Harmonics are created which can cause a great Damage to the system. To avoid this Harmonics in the circuit and damage to the circuit the technology of using filters was introduced. We Arzoo Energy having Experience of more than 13 years as the famous Manufacturer of many Electrical Products.We are also wellknown manufacturer of Filters. Product Name: Active Filters Technical Advantages: 1.Improves instantaneous as well as average power factor to necessary level. 2.Reduces total Harmonic distortion for current as well as voltage within International IEEE 519 standards. 3.Excellent dynamics with a response time of less than 0.2 milliseconds. 4.Does not allow harmonics to enter the system from the surrounding facilities, making the system more robust. 5. Reduces system losses drastically. 6. Provides equally good compensation, even in case of voltage sags. 7. Does not affect the normal operation of the system even in case of failures. Economic Advantages: 1.Reduces the overall Energy bills. 2. Increases capacity utilization of the source. 3.Ensures proper functioning of the overall system. 4.99.99% uptime guarantee. 5. Decrease the maximum demand of the system as well as the generator. 6.No overloading of UPS or generator sets. 7. Increases efficiency of the generator sets and ensures maximum utilization. 8. Increases life of sensitive lab equipment's and ensures proper functioning through quality power supply. 9.Smaller footprint reduces cost for space. 10.Increases life of Industrial cables. 11.Virtually maintenance free
Arzoo Energy is one of the famous Manufacturer of Distribution Panel. The Distribution Panel is a component of an electricity supply system that divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a common enclosure. Our Distribution Panel has following features: 1. Designed for High fault levels upto 50KA. 2.Provision of Electrical and Mechanical interlocking security. 3. Strong resistance to weather corrosion as well elegant finish through powder coating and seven tank treatment process of any enclosures. 4. Assembly of switchgear and bus bars ensures liberal spacing for cabling, access and maintenance. 5. PCC enclosures fabricated using strong CRCA sheet steel. 6. Customized for your space and project requirements and provisioning for future expansion requirements. 7. Protection Function: Over-Current, Air Cooled, Oil Cooled, Linner type.
Harmonic Distortion Sources and Effects Events over the last several years have focused attention on certain types of load on the electrical system that results in power quality problems for the user and utility Equipment which has become common place in most of the facility. Non - linear loads generates voltage and current harmonics, which can have adverse effect on equipments, which are designed for operation as linear loads (i.e. Loads designed to operate on a sinusoidal waveform of 50 or 60 Hz.) Effects of non-linear load: Higher heating losses in the transformers Harmonic can have a detrimental effect on emergency generators, telephone and other sensitive electrical equipments. When receive power compensation (in the form of passive power factor improving capacitors) is used with non-linear loads, resonance condition can occur that may result in even higher levels of harmonic voltage and current distortion, thereby causing equipment failure, disruption of power services, and fire hazards in extreme conditions. The electrical environment has absorbed most of these problems in the past. However, the problem has now increased in a magnitude where Europe, the US, and other countries have proposed standards to responsible engineer system considering the electrical environment. IEEE 519-1992 and IEC 555 have evolved to become a common requirement cited when specifying equipment on newly engineered projects. The broad band harmonic filter was designed in part, to meet this specification. The present IEEE 519-1992 document establishes acceptable levels of harmonics (voltage and current) that can be introduced into the incoming feeders by commercial and industrial users. Where there may have been little cooperation previously from manufacturing to meet such specification, the adoption of IEEE 519-1992 and other similar world standards now attract the attention of everyone. Generation of harmonics: Harmonics are sinusoidal wave forms. They have frequency in multiple of fundamental frequency. They are produced by equipment using frequency conversion technology. They are also generated due to power drawing pattern of non-linear loads. Mitigation of Harmonic Distortion For resolution of harmonic problem, various techniques have been proposed to reduce the impact of load harmonic currents on the input current to an electrical system. Essentially, the intent of all these techniques is to make the input current more continuous so as to reduce the overall current harmonic distortion. The various techniques can be classified into four broad categories, a) The use of line reactors and / or DC link chokes b) Installation of passive filters (series, shunt, and low pass broad brand filters) c) Phase multiplication (12-pulse, 18-pulse rectifier system.) d) Harmonic compensation by active filtering. Harmonic protection filters are used for improvement of power factor and part elimination of harmonics. They are nothing but a combination of reactors and capacitors, suitably detuned. They are useful when distortion is 15 to 40 %. Advantages of Harmonic Filters: a) Protect capacitors from harmonic overloading. b) Eliminate upto 97 % predominant harmonics. c) Avoid harmonic amplification in the system. d) Improve power factor. This system can be configured to operate in fully automatic mode. The objective is to eliminate high level of harmonic current to acceptable level to comply with utility regulation. They provide traps for individual harmonics frequency and provide reactive power compensation at fundamental frequency. Harmonic filtering offers the following benefits: 1) Elimination of power factor penalty. 2) Improvement in reduction in energy bill.( due to improvement of PF) 3) Release of additional VA capacity in the system. 4) Improvement in voltage profile. 5) Reduction in line losses 6) Reduction in harmonic currents. 7) Improvement in overall power quality. 8) Improvement in life of electrical equipment. 9) Improvement in system reliability.