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We Arzoo Energy design and manufacture Dry Type Iron Core tuned and detuned filter reactor and other various reactors. Using high quality low loss silicon sheet and foil coil winding technology, vaccum pressure impregnating (VPI) process and solidify baking process to achieve insulation class H or C. It is applied in low voltage (below 1500V) reactive power compensation and passive harmonic filter combined with capacitor in cabinets to achieve reactive power compensation and harmonic filter in network. These series products adopt universally acknowledged design method, is easy to install and features compact structure, low noise and good reliability. Type: Tuned Filter Reactor: Used to eliminate the harmonic distorted in network together with various capacitor at different harmonic frequency 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th, 13th specified as required. Detuned Filter Reactor: Used to eliminate the harmonic distorted in network together with various capacitors at different inductive reactance percentage. Line Reactor: Used to resist the interference from the power source or grid power line. It can stop the abrupt change of the voltage on the grid power line, avoid the current shock caused and smooth the spike pulse included in power source or voltage flaw caused because of the bridge rectifier circuit. Thus, this kind of reactor can better perform over-voltage protection, and reduce harmonic interference from load such as inverter, thus efficiently protect your device from damage or wrong malfunction. It is widely used in Industrial automatic control system, working together with numeric control machine , frequently changer or DC speed control system.
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