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We Arzoo Energy are recognized as one of the outstanding Electrical Low Tension Panels Suppliers in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The Electrical LT Panels are ideally designed to receiving power from source transformer or generator and distributing it through main feeders. Electrical LT Control Panels can be fabricated in both draw-out and non-draw out versions. Our design incorporates maximum system safety and reliability. AMF PANELS Features : Designed for high fault-levels up to 50KA. Provision of electrical and mechanical interlocking for security. Strong resistance to weather corrosion as well elegant finish through powder-coating and seven-tank treatment process of enclosures. Assembly of switchgear and bus bars ensures liberal spacing for cabling, access and maintenance. PCC enclosures fabricated using strong CRCA sheet steel. Customized for your space and project requirements and provisioning for future expansion requirements. Protection Function : Over- Current Air Cooled Oil Cooled Linner Type
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