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P3 System :

Voltage variation is a common phenomenon all over the country. Generally voltage is low during daytime and high during the night hours. Moreover on holidays, peak hours, rainy days and when the agricultural load is switched off, the voltage rises quite sharply, which is more dangerous.

Electrical equipment's are designed for 230 Volts (single phase) or 400 Volts (3-phase) and operate with optimum efficiency at its rated voltage. 90% of industrial load consists of motors. Electric Motors draw considerably high current at HIGH voltage and increase energy consumption, increase MDI and reduce power factor etc. These excessive power losses of motors generated at higher voltage results in their premature failure.

Similar is the case with Bulbs and Tubes, when voltage increases above 230 Volts. For example, at 270 Volts, the power consumption of 60W-bulb increases almost 40% and the life of bulb reduce from normal 1000 Hours to mere 100 Hours only (as per analysis report of ISI mark bulb manufacturers).

The industrial units having high failure rate of electrical equipments i.e. Electric Motors (particularly smaller rating motors up to 7.5 HP), Bulbs, Tubes, Chokes, Contactor coils etc., should verify that it may be due to Higher Voltage.

We have supplied number of P3 Systems to different industries and our clients have confirmed the under noted advantages after installing our AVCs.

Features :
• Up to 60% Reduction in Breakdown of Electrical Equipments
• 5 - 10% Savings in Electricity Costs (up to 30% on lighting load)
• Reduction in MDI by 10 - 15%
• Attractive Pay-back period of 6 - 12 months
• Improvement in Power Factor
• Uniform quality of end product & Improved Productivity of the plant
• Depreciation @ 80% from Indian Income Tax Act.

Owing to its high efficiency (~99.5% in avg. running conditions) and associated benefits, the payback period for ARZOO’S make P3 System is typically between 6-12 months, depending upon the number of working hours and duration of high voltage.
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